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Heaven Is In Your Mind - Berkshire Poppies - House For Everyone - No Face, No Name, No Number
Dear Mr. Fantasy - Dealer - Utterly Simple - Coloured Rain - Hope I Never Find Me There
 - Giving To You

Heaven is in Your Mind


You ride on the swing in and out of the bars
Capturing moments of life in a jar
Playing with children, acting as stars
Guiding your visions to heaven and heaven is in your mind
Take extra care not to lose what up feel
The apple you're eating is simple and real
So water the flowers that grow at you heel
guiding your visions to heaven and heaven is in your mind

Berkshire Poppies

So many people with nothing to do
Hundreds of buildings that block out my view
Watched by a tramp with a hole in his shoe
Standing alone on the corner

He's thinking that work is all a big joke
While he looks in the gutter for something to smoke
Two hundred kids in one red minimoke
Scream down the street fully loaded

Day in the city
Oh what a pity
I could be in Berkshire where the poppies are so pretty
I could be in Berkshire where the poppies are so pretty
I wish that I was there
I wanna make it out of there

People like sardines
Packed in a can
Waiting for Christmas that's made in Japan
And I'm having trouble with my apple flan
Sat in the cafe on the corner

I walk through the green gates and into the park
Where murderers crawl after girls in the dark
Down by the shed I head a remark
I turned on but no one could hear me

House For Everyone *

My bed is made of candy-floss
The house is made of cheese
It's lit by lots of glowworms
If I'm wrong correct me please

The village is a pop-up book
The people wooden dolls
The roads are made from treacle
Think it's time that I moved on

My boat is half a walnut shell
The journey will be long
So I filled the hull with pepper-mints
And creamy pink melange

I sailed away for fifteen days
It never once got dark
And came upon two large houses
Set out in a park

On the door of one was truth
On the other door was lies
Which one should I enter through?
I really must decide

The door marked lies had lots of flowers
Growing 'round outside
But looking close, I noticed
It was crumbling inside

The door marked truth was very plain
But stood up very strong
And when I entered through its door
I know I wasn't wrong

No Face, No Name, No Number

I'm looking for a girl who has no face
She has no name, or number
And so I search within his lonely place
Knowing that I won't find her
Well, I can't stop this feeling deep in inside me
Ruling my mind

I feel no sound
Don't know where I'm bound

The scenery is all the same to me
Nothing has changed or faded
I'm a part of it, some part of me
Painted cool green, and shaded
So, try to find myself must be the only way
To feel free

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Dear Mister Fantasy play us a tune
Something to make us all happy
Do anything take us out of this gloom
Sing a song, play guitar
Make it snappy
You are the one who can make us all laugh
But doing that you break out in tears
Please don't be sad if it was a straight mind you had
We wouldn't have known you all these years


As the evening sun goes down
The Dealer shuffles into town
Makes a note of what's a float
And spinning 'round he'll cut your throat
In the time it takes to heal
The dealer's made another deal
When he plays he plays for keeps
And sweeps the spinning roulette wheel
Dealer, Dealer

Like the mighty ocean's roar
He gets all his share and more
Mexican right to the core and very proud
He'll get even with the score
Leave your wife a weeping widow on the shore

Between the desert and the dove
Money is his only love
Feeling nothing deep inside
His mind is governed by his pride
In a smoky little room
Shadows moving in the gloom
Someone turns a running flush
And breaks the deathly quiet hush
Dealer, Dealer

Utterly Simple *

Everything really is stupidly simple
And yet all around is utter confusion
Fairy-tales written, they help you to see it
Do you understand about Lewis's Alice
We fit all our lives into regular patterns
All that we really know is that we're really living

The man that makes the world his wisdom
Seeks to know his mind
And knowing where his feet should walk
And when he should or should not talk
And have a friend to find
Don't look around to find the sound
That's right beneath your feet
The hermit sits inside his cage
And seeks to know his mind
Staring into empty space
And seeing things in people's faces
Others cannot find
Don't look around to find the sound
That's right beneath your feet

You've nothing to hide
So why try to hide it
I know there are some
But they're screwed-up inside

If you need a reason
For all this I'm singing
It's simpleness really
That gives it its meaning

Coloured Rain

Yesterday I was a young boy
Searching for my way
Not knowing what I wanted
Living life from day to day
'Till you came along
There was nothing but an empty space and a pain

Feels like Coloured Rain
Tastes like Coloured Rain
Bring on Coloured Rain

I can see a sail of changing
Filling with surprise
United with a feeling
Bringing love into my eyes
Till you came along
there was nothing but an empty space and a pain

Hope I Never Find Me There *

Seems that I just had to stay
The birds have flown
The sky's turned gray
The bees are ruffled by the flowers
Plastic plants that never die
Hope they never find me here

I walked upon synthetic grass
Where metal people said, "Don't ask
About the fields where you once played
Atomic factories have replaced them"
Hope they never find me here

Horse I ride has lost a shoe
The buttercups are dry
The car I drive is broken down
The blacksmith's trade is dying
The meals I eat have changed into
A concentrated vaccum

The hour has come to be as one
Time to live has just begun
The world is waiting it's a fact
The stage's last and final act
Hope I never find me there

Giving To You


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