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  (Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood)

 Personnel (up to 1968)

Steve Winwood: Organ, Guitar, Bass  Guitar, Piano, Harpsichord and Vocals
Jim Capaldi: Drums, Vocals
Chris Wood: Flute, Sax, Organ, Vocals
Dave Mason: Guitar, Mellotron, Sitar,  Tambura, Bass Guitar and Vocals



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  Mr. Fantasy (complete album)
  Traffic  (complete album)


 Traffic in the field
 Traffic in the cottage, 1967
 More traffic during their psych heyday

   Berkshire Poppies Traffic fan page
  Smiling Phases Steve Winwood & Traffic site

 Featured Albums (up to 1968)

Mr. Fantasy
Mr. Fantasy
Released 1967; Island ILP 961/ILPS 9061

1 Heaven Is In Your Mind
2 Berkshire Poppies (Winwood/Capaldi/Wood)
3 House For Everyone  (Mason)
4 No Face, No Name, No Number  (Winwood/Capaldi)
5 Dear Mr. Fantasy  (Winwood/Capaldi/Wood)
6 Dealer  (Capaldi/Wood)
7 Utterly Simple  (Mason)
8 Coloured Rain  (Winwood/Capaldi/Wood)
9 Hope I Never Find Me There  (Mason)
10 Giving To You  (Winwood/Capaldi/Wood/Mason)

Produced by Jimmy Miller
Engineer: Eddie Kramer
Recorded at Olympic Studios

Released 1968; Island ILP 981/ILPS 9081

1 You Can All Join In  (Mason)
2 Pearl Queen  (Winwood/Capaldi)
3 Don't Be Sad  (Mason)
4 Who Knows What Tomorrow May
5 Feelin' Alright  (Mason)
6 Vagabond Virgin  (Mason/Capaldi)
7 (Roamin' Thro' The Gloamin With) 40,000
8 Cryin' To Be Heard  (Mason)
9 No Time To Live  (Winwood/Capaldi)

Produced by Jimmy Miller
Engineers: Glyn Johns, Eddie Kramer, Brian Humphries, Terry Brown

 Featured Singles (up to 1968)

Japanese picture sleeve
Paper Sun/Giving To You
1967 - Island WIP 6002

French picture sleeve
Hole In My Shoe/Smiling Phases
Island WIP 6017

Swedish picture sleeve
Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush/Coloured Rain
1967 - Island WIP 6025

No Face, No Name, No NumberRoamin' In The Gloamin' With 40,000 Headmen
1968 - Island WIP 6030

Feelin' Alright/Withering Tree
1968 - Island WIP 6041

Medicated Goo/Shanghai Noodle Factory
1968 - Island WIP 6050