Patrick Campbell-Lyons: Vocals
Alex Spyropoulos: Vocals, Guitar

with various friends, session players

  The original Nirvana first appeared in the midst of the psychedelic revolution in 1967, playing it's unique brand of cello and harpsichord driven melodic chamber music. Led by Irish born Patrick Campbell-Lyons and greek guitarist Alex Spyropoulos, they started out as a six piece. After some rehearsals, the group arranged appointments to see George Martin, John Burgess, Denny Cordell and Chris Blackwell, of which Blackwell liked them enough to sign them to the brand new Island label. The band quickly went on to take photos with Gered Mankowitz and were launched to the press and the public with a performance at the Saville Theater in London's West End. The band then released their science-fiction LP, The Story Of Simon Simopath on Island in 1967,and found an audience for their music. Although the band wouldn't achieve a hit single until their third try, with Rainbow Chaser. With it's melancholic melody and super phased chorus, it is recognized a true psychedelic classic. It was right after recording their first album when the representatives of the production company involved in a movie called The Touchable contacted the band after hearing their demo recording of the song All Of Us. That same day they secured the deal to have that song as the theme song for their movie. Recorded the following week at Pye Studios, All Of Us became the title track to their next Island LP. All Of Us featured a more polish and confident sound and it's share of memorable melodies with Melanie Blue, Tiny Goddess (which was originally released as their debut single) and Trapeze. After that album, Nirvana was down to a duo and their next album Black Flower was rejected by Chris Blackwell. Frustrated, the duo went to Pye Records to have it released. After buying the recordings off of Island and changing the albums title to Dedicated To Markos III, it was released to next to nothing in sales. Alex Spyropoulos left soon after the release and Nirvana was down to Patrick Campbell-Lyons as the only main member. He went on to record a final album on the progressive label Vertigo, Local Anesthetic in 1971. In the 1990's, however, with renewed interest in the group, the duo came together and worked on some (rather wimpy/crappy) new material and remixing old unreleased stuff for a couple more albums, Orange And Blue and Secret Theater.


 Nirvana Outtake from their original photo session 1967.
 Nirvana Pentecost Hotel EP French EP of Pentecost Hotel

  Rainbow Chaser

 Featured Albums (1967)

The Story Of Simon Simopath
The Story Of Simon Simopath
Released 1967; Island ILPS 9059

1 Wings Of Love (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
2 Lonely Boy (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
3 We Can Help You (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
4 Satellite Jockey (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
5 In The Courtyard Of The Stars

6 You're Just The One (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
7 Pentecost Hotel (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
8 I Never Found A Love Like This (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
9 Take This Hand (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
10 1999 (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)

Produced by Chris Blackwell
Engineer: Brian Humphries
Arranger/Conducter: Syd Dale

All Of Us
All Of Us
Released 1967. Island ILPS 9087

1 Rainbow Chaser
2 Tiny Goddess
3 The Touchables (All Of Us)
4 Melanie Blue
5 Trapeze
6 The Show Must Go On
7 Girl In The Park
8 Miami Masquerade
9 Frankie The Great
10 You Can Try It
11 Everybody Loves The Clown
12 St. John's Wood Affair

Produced and arranged by Brian Humphries
All songs written by Spyropoulos/Campbell-Lyons


 Singles (1967-69)

Tiny Goddess/I Believe In Magic
1967 - Island WIP 6016

picture sleeve
Pentecost Hotel/Feelin' Shattered
1967 - Island WIP 6020

picture sleeve
Rainbow Chaser/Flashbulb
1968 - Island WIP 6029

Girl In The Park/C Side In Ocho Rios
1968 - Island WIP 6038

All Of Us (The Untouchables)/Trapeze
1968 - Island WIP 6045

Wings Of Love/Requiem To John Coltrane
1968 - Island WIP 6052

Oh! What A Performance picture sleeve
Oh! What A Performance/Darling Darlene
1969 - Island WIP 6057