Blossom Toes
Blossom Toes


Brian Belshaw: Bass Guitar
Brian Godding: Guitar, Vocals
Jim Cregan: Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Westlake: Drums (1967-68)
Poli Palmer: Drums, Flute, Vibes, Harp, Vocals (1968)
Barry Reeves: Drums (1968-69)

  The beginnings of the Blossom Toes go as far back as to 1962, when Brian Godding and Brian Belshaw met as apprentices at the Hilger and Watts scientific instrument factory at Highbury, Islington. There they formed a group called The Grave Diggers and eventually played in The Ingoes, a R&B outfit. As The Ingoes, they teamed up with The Yardbirds manager Giorgio Gomelsky and went to Paris where they developed a strong cult following. When back in London for a break, they recruited Jim Cregan, and returned for a second spell in Paris. It was during this time that The Ingoes recorded a single version of Help!, sung in Italian for the Italian market, and an EP on the Riviera label. Right after their London return, drummer Colin Martin, left and was replaced by Kevin Westlake. It was around this time that The Ingoes became Blossom Toes. They were then housed in a flat in Fulham by manager Giorgio Gomelsky and entered the studio to record their debut album. The backing of much of the album was recorded by an orchestra and session men. The album was a 15 track collection of inventive psych pop (i.e. Telegram Tuesday, When The Alarm Clock Rings) with it's share of weirdness (i.e. The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog). Unfortunately, their live act suffered due to the inability to reproduce most of the album on stage. In the late 80's, there was a Blossom Toes bootleg which surfaced featuring live material from a 1967 gig at one of Sweden's top clubs and shows the band did a lot of Captain Beefheart numbers which is hard to imagine how that fit in with material from their debut, but it did show what changes in style they were to make by the time of their second album two years later. During 1968, the band just released two singles, both featuring new member Poli Palmer, on drums, and vibes. They released a cover of Bob Dylan's I'll Be You Baby Tonight and followed that with a true lost gem, Postcard backed with Everyone's Leaving Me Now. The latter was written and sung by Poli Palmer and shows them playing on the jazzy side, while the 'A' side was a tightly crafted psych pop song. Palmer left shortly after the single and was replaced by Barry Reeves from the soul band Ferris Wheel. Their second album, If Only For A Moment was released in 1969. It was much less psychedelic than their debut, but still has some fine moments in the epic Love Bomb and the madness of the first track, Peace Loving Man. There is some recordings of the Blossom Toes at the BBC which feature a few tracks off their second LP that show what the songs might have sounded like if Palmer stayed with them. Also of note, two unreleased gems were also recorded for the BBC, but never appeared on any album or future compilation, Collect Little Girls and Ever Since A Memory as well as the song New Day which eventually came out as BB Blunder. Wonder if there are some unreleased 68-69 sessions!!


 Blossom Toes gig list! (Far from complete!)
We Are Ever So Clean
We Are Ever So Clean
Released 1967; Marmalade 607 001

Look At Me I'm You
2 I'll Be There For Tea
3 The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog
4 Telegram Tuesday
5 Love Is
6 What's It For
7 People Of The Royal Parks
8 What On Earth
9 Mrs. Murphy's Budgerigar
10 I Will Bring You This And That
11 Mister Watchmaker
12 When The Alarm Clock Rings
13 The Intrepid Balloonist's Handbook Vol. 1
14 You
15 Track For Speedy Freaks
    (or Instant LP Digest)

Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky

If Only For A Moment
If Only For A Moment
Released 1969; Marmalade 608 010

1 Peace Loving Man 4:50
2 Kiss Of Confusion 4:37
3 Listen To The Silence 3:42
4 Love Bomb 8:34
5 Billy Boo The Gunman 7:02
6 Indian Summer 5:50
7 Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head
8 Wait AMinute 5:38

Brian Belshaw: Bass, Vocals
Jim Cregan: Lead, rhythm guitars, Vocals
Brian Godding: Lead and rythm guitars, Piano, Organ, Vocals
Poli Palmer: Drums on "Peace Loving Man" Barry Reeves: Percussion & Drums on all tracks except "Peace Loving Man"
Shawn Phillips: Acoustic 12 string guitar & Sitar on "Just Above my Hobby Horse's Head"

German picture sleeve another picture sleeve
What On Earth/Mrs. Murphy's Budgerigar/Look At Me I'm You
1967 - Marmalade 598 002

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight picture sleeve German picture sleeve
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight/Love Is
March 1968 - Marmalade 598 009

French picture sleeve
Postcard/Everybody's Leaving Me Now
October 1968 - Marmalade 598 012

German picture sleeve
Peace Loving Man/Above My Hobby Horses Head
1969 - Marmalade 598 014