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(Twink, Steve Howe, Keith West, Junior)


Keith West: Lead Vocals
Steve Howe: Guitar
John 'Junior' Wood: Bass Guitar
John 'Twink' Adler: Drums

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 Tomorrow on TV Tomorrow on TV performing The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase
 Tomorrow Tomorrow in 1967
 Tomorrow Tomorrow in 1967


Released 1968; Parlophone PMC/PCS 7042

1 My White Bicycle
2 Colonel Brown
3 Real Life Permanent Dream
4 Shy Boy
5 Revolution
6 The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase
7 Auntie Mary's Dress Shop
8 Strawberry Fields Forever
9 Three Jolly Dwarfs
10 Now Your Time Has Come
11 Hallucinations

Produced by Mark P. Wirtz

 Singles (1967-69)

My White Bicycle/Claramont Lake
1967 - Parlophone R 5597

picture sleeve
Revolution/Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
1967 - Parlophone R 5627