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Jason Crest
(John Selley, Terry Clark, Roger Siggery, Terry Dobson, Derek Smallcombe)
Jason Crest


Terry Clark: Lead vocals
John Selley: Bass Guitar
Roger Siggery: Drums
Terry Dobson: Organ
Derek Smallcombe: Guitar

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 Jason Crest Jason Crest at Hyde Park
 Jason Crest Jason Crest at Waterloo Station
 Black Mass Unreleased album cover.


     Jason Crest @ Marmalade Skies


Collected Works Of Jason Crest
Collected Works Of Jason Crest
Compilation released 1998 (CD) Wooden Hill WHCD006

1 Turquoise Tandem Cycle
2 Teagarden Lane (Clark Dobson)
3 Patricia's Dream (Sandson/Fryer)
4 A Place In The Sun (Clark/Dobson)
5 My House Is Burning (Clark/Dobson)
6 King Of The Castle (Clark/Dobson)
7 The Collected Works Of Justin Crest (Clark/Dobson)
8 Black Mass (Clark/Dobson)
9 Charge Of The Light Brigade (Clark/Dobson)
10 (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (Wood)
11 You Really Got A Hold On Me (Robinson)
12 Two By The Sea (Clark/Dobson)
13 Juliano The Bull (Clark/Dobson)
14 Education (Clark/Dobson)
15 Waterloo Road (Deighan/Wish)
16 Good Life (Clark/Dobson)

'Over'Produced by Fritz Fryer


record sleeve
Turquoise Tandem Cycle/Good Life
January 1968 - Philips BF 1633

Juliano The Bull/Two By The Sea
April 1968 - Philips BF 1650

The Lemon Tree/Patricia's Dream
August 1968 - Philips BF 1687

Waterloo Road/Education
February 1969 - Philips BF 1752

A Place In The Sun/Black Mass
August 1969 - Philips BF 1809