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Family Entertainment

The Weaver's Answer - Observations from a Hill - Hung Up Down - How-Hi-the-Li - Second Generation Woman - From Past Archives - Dim - Processions - Face in the Cloud - Emotions

The Weaver's Answer
Weaver of life, let me look and see
The pattern of my life gone by
Shown on your tapestry

Just for one second, one glance upon your loom
The flower of my childhood could appear within this room
Does it of my youth show tears of yesterday
Broken hearts within a heart as love first came my way

Did the lifeline patterns change as I became a man
An added aura untold blends as I asked for her hand
Did your golden needle sow its thread virginal white
As lovers we embraced as one upon our wedding night

Did you capture all the joys, the birth of our first son
The happiness of family made a brother for the one
The growing of the brothers, the manliness that grew
Is it there in detail, is it there to view
Do the sparks of life grow bright as one by one they wed
To live as fathers, husbands, apart from lives they've led

Are my lover's threads cut off when aged she laid to rest
My sorrow blacking out a space upon our woven crest
A gathering for the last time as her coffin slowly lain
Ash to ashes, dust to dust, one day we will regain
Does it show the visits when grandchildren on my knee
But only hearing laughter when age took my sight from me

Lastly through these last few years of loniless maybe
Does by sight a shooting star fade from your tapestry
But wait, there in the distance your loom I think I see
Could it be that after all my prayers you've answered me
After days of wondering I see the reason why
You've kept it to this minute for I'm about to die

Weaver of life, at last now I can see
The pattern of my life gone by upon your tapestry

Observations from a Hill
Chimney tops, roof tops, higher than tree tops I stood there on a hill
Sky blue, slate blue cold as the wind blew leaves that never stay still
Buildings jagged and clustered
I remained unflustered

People are strolling, cars only rolling down man-made paths of grey stone
Children larking, dogs sometimes barking, break sleep of old folk alone
Church organ, choir sing hymn life
Sunday eve quarter past five

These are observations from a hill

Towers and flowers, phone lines and road signs
All these things come to view
I look to the valley and there by a shalley suddenly I see it's you
You're beckoning me to follow
Maybe I'll come down tomorrow

These are observations from a hill
Hung Up Down
What the hell bad eggs don't smell
When glossed with sleek perfume
So who's to cry, the politicians' lie
When they know damn well that they do

Maybe they're hung up down next stop
They'll maybe turn around
Every other way, every other way than
I want them to be

Is it so sad when men turn bad
To rob and steal from friends
While men who count large bank amount
Make wars for their own ends


The grossest spew of World War Two
Turns some men inside out
But make them ride with coal black hides
They're not so pure throughout

Summer `67

And we'd like to know if Mr. Cho En Li gets high with all the tea in China
And if the Eastern block is really straight or not or are all the heads in Asia Minor

We only wanna break the chain of society
Put the people back on the road to reality
We only wanna turn the whole world on

And the politicians start to speak
Trying to make themselves clear
To the ones who can't diagnose
The symptoms of verbal diarrhea

And the ministers of state
Who preach their words of hate
We suggest they change their religion before it's too late


To the top!
Second Generation Woman
Smokes like a man getting higher than I can
She knows how
Ahead of her time but she don't give a damn
Why should she
She looks good to handle from a personal angle
Second generation woman

Last thing you gotta do is force her into lovin' you
No need to
Knows then her time is right
Comes to you without a fight
She wants to
She looks good to handle from a personal angle
Second generation woman

She's a woman that won't let you down
Just as long as she's around
You don't have to worry
She feeds you, loves you, lets you know she digs you
She's in a hurry
She looks good to handle from a personal angle
Second generation woman


To the top!
From Past Archives
Why can't we forget, forgive and be returned to harmony
Singing our song, duetting as one
It took time as pictures hard to find
Melodies divine, completely in time, become flat so soon
Three years gone and still I'm holding on
Hoping that the song from past archives
Will soon be revived

To the top!
I can't see you, but you can see me waiting along the road
Thumbing a ride to get into town, hey where'd you get your automobe
See you around the corner, waitin' for my flame to burn
My eyes are dim, I cannot see
But I know there's a good time waiting for me

Making my scene just groovin' around, making what chicks I can
I drink what I like and I dance what I do, I'm getting right through to the band
See you in the corner, wait for my flame to burn
My eyes are dim, I cannot see
I'd sooner feel you babe, feeling me

Think I'll leap around a bit, and sow my seed somewhere
Go on around to the 46, gonna do the things that I dare
See you in the corner, wait for my flame to burn
My eyes are dim, I cannot see
You'd better not take that thought from me

To the top!
A small boy, bucket in hand
Building castles in the sand
Thinking of his life that lies ahead
An engine driver, sailor, why not a king
Of the sand castle as the gypsy woman said

Taking a ride on a dinkie rail
A green engine that's old
Could be a royal procession through
Big city streets
Waving to the crowds from a sand carpet of gold
Shaking hands of the V.I.P.'s one meets

Sailing a toyboat in a rockpool
Thinking that it could be
The Queen Mary, passing the Cape Horn tip
Something majestic, sailing world wide seas
Attention please, I'm the captain of the ship

After all these thoughts and more
The boy returned to find
That the sandcastles had been washed into the sea
Head in hands, eyes full of tears
And a mixed up mind
The gypsy woman can't foresee the years

To the top!
Face in the Cloud
Taking a journey
Expecting to try
Not certain of things
Bound to happen
Just reach out and hold
The hand of a stranger
Leading the way to eternity

Wandering aimlessly
Exploring new fields
Enjoying such beauty
Never experienced
Mountains before
Reaching to heaven
Hiding the face of a
Girl in the clouds

Tasting the fruit
Reaping the profits
Coming down slowly
From the height of my dreams
Collecting my thoughts
Remembering sadly
The face of a girl
In the clouds

To the top!
Emotions you feel, around you they steal
Saying much more than mere words can
When choirs sing emotions they bring
Explaining much more than few words can

Strange, when lonliness holds you
Like a cloak that surrounds you
Contentment to fears, enchantment to tears

Drops its the same, playing one game
Stealing their way in to take you
Stranger to see, emotions run free
Seeing what being they make you

Chains, within and about you
Like a cage, bars to hold you
Remembering the times as the years slip behind

To the top!