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January 27, 1968
Casino, France  -  MIDEM Festival  (with Fairport Convention, Cpt. Beefheart & Magic Band, Arthur Brown)
   * Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band borrowed the Blossom Toes equiptment as seen in this pic.

May 25, 1969
London, England  -  Parliament Hill Free Concert (with Third Ear Band, Procol Harum, Yes, Soft Machine)

June 21, 1969
Bletchly, England  -  Clouds Circus  (with Barclay James Harvest)

September 1969
Bilzen, Belgium  - Jazz And Pop Festival  (also with Soft Machine, Bonzo Dog Band, Humble Pie)

September 23, 1969
London, England  -  Marquee  (with Mike Hart & the Business)

October 13, 1969
London, England  -  Marquee  (with Big Finger)

October 28, 1969

Amougies, Belgium  -  Actuel Music Festival  (also with Frank Zappa, Gong, Pink Floyd, The Nice, Caravan...)

November 25, 1969
London, England  -  Marquee  (with Grail)

December 9, 1969
London, England  -  Marquee  (with Rare Bird)

August 27, 1971
London, England  -  Marquee  (with Man)