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Ray Davies: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Dave Davies: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Pete Quaife: Bass Guitar  (until 1968)
John Dalton: Bass Guitar
Mick Avory: Drums

Something Else  (1967)
David Watts; Death Of A Clown; Two Sisters; No Return; Harry Rag; Tin Soldier Man; Situation Vacant; Love Me Till The Sun Shines; Lazy Old Sun; Afternoon Tea; Funny Face; End Of The Season; Waterloo Sunset

The Village Green Preservation Society  (1968)
The Village Green Preservation Society; Do You Remember, Walter?; Picture Book; Johnny Thunder; The Last Of The Steam Powered Trains; Big Sky; Sitting By The Riverside; Animal Farm; Village Green; Starstruck; Phenomenal Cat; All Of My Friends Were There; Wicked Annebella; Monica; People Take Pictures Of Each Other

Arthur  (1969)
Victoria; Yes Sir, No Sir; Some Mother's Son; Drivin'; Brainwashed; Australia; Shangri-La; Mr. Churchill Says; She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina's; Young And Innocent Days; Nothing To Say; Arthur

Mr. Pleasant/This Is Where I Belong  (1967)
Waterloo Sunset/Act Nice And Gentle  (1967)
Autumn Almanac/Mr. Pleasant  (1967)
Wonderboy/Polly  (1968)
Days/She's Got Everything  (1968)
Plastic Man/King Kong  (1969)
Drivin'/Mindless Child Of Motherhood  (1969)
Shangri-La/This Man Weeps Tonight  (1969)
Victoria/Mr. Churchill Says  (1969)

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