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Queen Of Heart Blues
(Chris Barber)


        D            C     G     B        C#
        /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /

Verse 1:

         D                        C                G
        Gazing at my cards, I can see I've got the ace
            D                              C           G
        The queen is looking at me, like a psychiatric case
            Am                  Em       
        The maid in her chamber dressing up in lace
                 D         D/C#  D/C   D/B    Asus
        Thinking life's so fi  - ah  - ahine  ahhhh

Verse 2:

        D                             C         G
        ??The maid ?? gets assured as he has to leave
            D                          C        G
        The queen is thinking hard, of how to ??can see??
            Am                          Em
        The king but when he enters, is willing to believe
                 D     D/C#   D/C   D/B    Asus
        What she tells hi  - iii  - iiim   mmmmm


     Now she has can see
        The ?maid? is not ??
        Bm/G#                  Bm/G                 F#m          G#m
        To waste this time and turn his mind to the kitchen play
        Am                          Em    
        The maid is in the kitchen, waiting the return
               D#         D#/D              D#/C     D/A#
        Of her lover, her neighbor from the cook she brings
                A        A/G      A/F          A/E         D      C  G  B C# [Intro]
        Now the queen ?? flavors?? so she turns somebody to the king

Verse 3:

        The queen sends for the maid and says don't waste my time with lies
        For I saw you with the king, you know that was not wise
        Now I have your lover, you have to compromise with each other

Bridge 2:

           Bm                       Bm/A      
       You know how hard I try, you know how hard I lie
           Bm/G#           B/G
       How hard I try, how hard I lie
           BmF#            Bm/F        Em/D  D      
       How hard I try, how hard I lie

Outro: 1st measure 3/4
       2nd measure 2/4

       C        G     [vamp over fade]
       /  /  /  / /